Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It's raining here in Bahrain. Bahrain + rain = chaos. Drains are full of sand, roads are flooded, drivers creep along with hazard lights flashing, and the roof of our villa has 500 leaks...
It's all right for me - I rather like it - but my kids are hopeless with rain. They've been expatriates for most of their lives, spending only the briefest of wet summers in Ireland (see photo above) - and they've not learnt the valuable art of keeping their feet dry on a wet pavement.
"Walk around the puddles, not in them!!"
"Look where you're going!"
"Being a spare pair of socks in your school bag."
Their soaking wet school shoes were stuffed with newspaper last night but since there's no heat in our house they were still wet this morning. I had to put them into the oven and gently toast them while making the porridge for breakfast

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