Monday, January 24, 2011

Beginner's Luck

So yesterday was just lucky - today's pony club was a disaster. I suffered a shower of children who couldn't and wouldn't listen to a thing I was asking them to do. Who wanted only to trot wildly around the arena. Yet could not transition to walk without hauling on the reins. Who insisted they were ready for jumping when they could not rise to the trot. Who could not follow a simple instruction such as "Do not kick - your pony will bolt!" (and he did). Who disregarded such simple instructions as - "Please turn your head to the left if you're hoping to turn your pony to the left.... And close your right rein along the pony's neck" - preferring instead to haul on the left rein and beat the pony at the same time...
I learnt something valuable today.
The truly useless don't listen. This is why they are useless.

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