Monday, January 10, 2011

High Noon

Already I'm suffering from bullying in the workplace and my job has only begun. I've got this charming wee job at the stables teaching riding to pony club children - bliss except that one of the other instructors really really doesn't like me (for no particular reason that I can think of for I don't believe we have ever even engaged in conversation - she's not really a woman who talks - I say "Good Morning" and she grunts)
Anyway she's started to rubbish my riding - last night she criticised me loudly and openly - and a gang of pony club mothers were listening.
"You're cutting that corner!"
"You changed rein far too sharply!"
"She's on the wrong leg!"
"Don't play in her mouth!"
(I promise these are riding terms - nothing kinky!)
Bahrain is a very small island and guess what - it's all over the playground this morning - "That rude instructor that nobody likes.... She was shouting at the new instructor last night..."
"OMG! And what did the new instructor say to her? Did she attack or retreat?"
Well, the answer is neither just yet -
I have made an appointment to speak formally to the stable manager at 5 this afternoon to tell her frankly it's 'that woman' or me.
And if that fails I suppose there will have to be a gunfight in the jumping paddock...


  1. Oh god, grown-up playground politics are the WORST aren't they - I really feel for you. I don't understand why people have to be like this - it makes everyone feel uncomfortable and it puts a damper on even getting up in the mornings. She's clearly got issues with herself and, like my nan used to tell me, she's probably just jealous - of you, of everybody. I'd ask her outright if she has a problem - did you see Housewife, 39 with Victoria Wood? She confronts a pretty stuffy character who was always grumpy towards her, with a shock response. ((hugs))

  2. Must say, I hadn't thought of hugging her...