Monday, January 24, 2011


My first afternoon teaching pony club was an educational experience - both for me and for one of my students. Sweet little Maisie fell off Frosty when they were trotting together - I picked her up, dried her tears and gave her leg up back into the saddle. I clipped on the lead rein to give her a confidence boost. I said: "Do you know how many times you have to fall off before you become a good rider?" She shook her head. I said, "10." She started to smile. "So I only have to fall off another 9 times to be a good rider?"
I nodded.
She gathered up the reins, sat up straighter; I unclipped the lead rein; she said "Walk on Frosty."
Soon they were trotting again and she was riding much better.
I said: "That's really good trotting, Maisie."
She said: "Before, I was afraid to fall. Now I'm not afraid any more."

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