Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The foot scrubbing lady from the previous post persuaded me to have my eyebrows threaded. Then she said, "I will remove your moustache."
What moustache?
"Madam has a moustache."
I'm a Celtic red head. There's hardly a hair on my body, and what's there is fine and fair - the waxing woman charges me less than everybody else. If I have hair above my upper lip (I cannot write 'a moustache') it is also fine and fair.
"No thanks."
She's insistent. "Madam has a moustache."
Of course doubt begins to seep in. Maybe there is a moustache and I haven't noticed it - is that possible? Maybe it's only a few stray blond hairs...
"All right, then, thread the moustache," I say.
The tartlets wake me this morning and the oldest one says "What's wrong with your face, Mummy?"
I dash to the mirror to discover, to my horror, a rash on my upper lip, where my 'moustache' was wrenched out by the threading lady.
Now I really do have a moustache.
And the added worry that when the hair starts to grow back it will be a bristle.


  1. Oh no......I hope it calms down. Witch doctor, something? Stupid woman- not you, the threading one. Good luck

  2. A hirsute girlfriend of mine used and probably still uses a pair of tweezers. Much cheaper.

  3. You poor woman, I never go near a salon if I can help it, waxing eyebrows is agony.

    Hope you're better soon.

  4. Youch! Tried threading for the first time this year - it seemed so fashionable and new and raved about. Never again. Shan't compare it to the pain of childbirth but I'm sure I never had tears of pain runnign down my face during labour. 'You have natural beauty' the nice oriental lady says as I'm leaving with mascara-streaked face. Yeah right. Didn't change my mind. Not going back. Ever.

  5. Oh gosh - OUCH! Sadly, I have to report that the further I got past 50, the hairs on my legs began to migrate to my chin instead! I would be lost without my trusty tweezers now . . .

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