Friday, August 7, 2009


Regular readers of this blog will know my latest 'work in progress' is about a randy vet called Charlie whose long suffering wife despairs of finding sexy lingerie (not her own) in their horsebox. It's all fights and fornication round horses, don't you know? I'm still at the research stage of writing so I'm rereading James Herriot's veterinary memoirs, and I watched the showjumping on Sky Sports yesterday.
To my utter surprise I recognised many of the competitors - there was Nick Skelton who holds the world record for the high jump - 7'7" he jumped on a stunning grey horse called Lastic, in 1978. I remember watching when they did it. And there was Robert Smith, son of Harvey, and doesn't he look like his dad? I wonder does he use the same colourful language when he's leaping a jump as large as a motor car?
These plucky fellows now have grey hair and middle aged, weather beaten faces. They are old enough to have sired the fillies they are competing against!
"Doesn't experience count for anything anymore?" asked my grey haired, middle aged husband in a huffy voice.

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