Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good Old Days

I've just received another 'funny' email about how life was better for children in the 1970s - because we ate simple home cooked food every day, then ran outside to play...
The truth of the matter is that I was made put on my wellies and I was sent outside every morning, straight after my breakfast porridge. I hid in the hay barn, reading Enid Blyton, waiting to be called for a dinner of mince and potatoes. Then back outside again I was hunted, to ride a fat pony bareback through wet fields, cold and bored, waiting to be called for a high tea of bread and eggs.
I don't recall anything 'funny' about it.

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  1. Bit late commenting on this but as a child of the 70's all I remember of 'good old fashioned food' was stodge.Treacle pudding, steak & Kidney puddings, home made deep fried chips, drop scone things (in fat, and as a treat for breakfast a whole weetabix plastered with butter (or cheap marge) with demerara sugar pressed on top.
    And I wonder why I have a lardy arse?!