Monday, August 31, 2009


Rex was blow drying my hair and he says: "Do you know the difference between boys and girls, Mummy?"
"Tell me, Rex," I said.
This is the Gospel According to Rex:
1. Girls have long hair and boys don't.
2. Boys have big ears and girls don't.
3. Boys can jump over the sofa and girls can't.
4. Boys are more sensitive than girls.
I ask him if he'd mind using the curling brush to smooth back my hair while he's blow-drying.
He says: "I can't do two things at once."
Another universal truth about differences between boys and girls


  1. Ha he's spot on, especially about the ears my hubbys are HUGE!

  2. Oh wow! How old is he?
    Very intuitive and perceptive......for a male. ;0)

  3. LOL! I can't believe how much like Bea he looks like in that photo

  4. Hi Chic Mama - he's 8 and not quite daddy's boy yet.