Thursday, August 20, 2009


Nick and I went out for dinner because we're expecting Ramadan to be called tomorrow and, once called, all the restaurants will shut for a month. We went to Cico's which has been here since prawns and avocado were fashionable. I asked for the mushroom risotto starter as a main course.
Nick said: "Please remember we're walking home and the humidity is 85% and the temperature is 40 degrees. You'll have that tiny starter sweated off in ten minutes."
He ordered spaghetti carbonara, then a steak, then tiramisu.
He said: "There's no way I can stay two stones overweight unless I keep eating."


  1. Tell Nick he is handsome as he is. And for one horrible minute I thought you were referring to yourself as Fatty :D Nice dress btw

  2. Lovely pic, i like Nicks philosophy and i could just eat a carbanara now ...mmmmm

  3. Hey Anne, it's
    Great dress - have they declared Ramadan??

  4. Love the dress, are the Nicole Fahri wedges hidden under there? I don't have TK Maxx near me - drat!

  5. Hi Looking Fab in your forties - yes the wedges are hidden under the dress. It's by Desigual and very long. I only wish my legs were five inches longer naturally!

  6. Gorgeous dress Anne! You look stunning. *jealous*