Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scary Enid

Three of the tartlet children have been reading Enid Blyton short stories, during the reading hour. I have managed to stay awake only because I'm so traumatised by the content of Enid's stories! In Enid's world naughty children who don't try hard at school and are rude to Mother have ruthless comeuppances - Santa Claus does not leave presents, Mother finds a new little boy to love, the spoilt child is packed off to boarding school. The tartlets, who are ridiculously spoiled and utterly indulged, are also traumatised. They have started to have nightmares. One woke up screaming last night - "I love you Mummy, please don't send me away..."


  1. would that have been Beatrice? btw, Alex asked yesterday if Santa was real, so be warned

  2. I read the Secret Seven religiously as a child. Hated the Famous Five for some reason.
    Not sure whether or not to introduce such books to Joseph who wails hysterically at anything remotely emotional.