Monday, July 6, 2009

Chase Me, Charlie

I'm not a person to malinger with regret at the natural end of a love affair. So much better I always think to look back on 6 good months with happy fond memories, then move onward and upward to the next bit of cerebral excitement...
The Revenge of Lady Muck has now been with the publishers for a week, and today I had an idea for a new novel. Our heroine is another pineapple tart sister - Jennifer Gordon - last seen at her shotgun wedding, heavily under the influence of lashings of gooseberry wine. Jennifer's husband is charming Charlie; they live an idyllic existence in a splendid old house with Charlie's ancient grandfather and lots of horses and dogs.
But dig a bit deeper and we discover charming Charlie is an ugly philanderer. He's the talk of the county set - 'Chase me, Charlie' they call him. Jennifer puts on a brave face, but it's really not very amusing to find discarded lingerie in the horsebox, and flights to Paris on their joint credit card...
In desperation she confides in her sisters that all is not well in paradise.
"Do you think, perhaps, I should leave him?" she asks.
They say: "How terrifically defeatist you are!"
And together they hatch a plan to teach Charlie a lesson about chasing women he will never forget.

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  1. Sounds like fun! I look forward to throwing some suggestions your way over a cuppa.