Friday, July 10, 2009

Fat Face

The tartlets are allergic to shopping - it makes them hyperactive. I've always bought all their clothing on-line, twice a year, a bulk buy in the Boden sale,, it's fab.
This morning Maud announced she'd rather like to choose her own clothes. For a change. In a shop. Like normal girls. Just Mummy and Maud and no chorus line of: "I have to go to the toilet," and "Is it time to go yet?" and "I'm bored" etc, ad nauseam.
We went to the shopping centre and Maud kept trying to drag me into fashion victim shops with hooker clothes on the mannequins and I kept saying: "Over my dead body, you're not wearing that!"
“Oh Mum, you’re so frumpy and boring...” said Maud.
It was starting to get ugly until I found Fat Face. They sell elegant earth warrior clothes for adults and children, beautiful quality, everything 70% off. Maud liked the clothes, I liked the clothes, we bought everything left in our sizes, then rounded up Nick and the rest of the tartlets and bought everything left in their sizes.
Now we're the Fat Face family - though I did draw the line at a lilac straw Stetson for Maud.

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