Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Nick woke me this morning with a kiss. He says we met fifteen years ago to-day. He says it seems like just yesterday. How bizarre to be in bed with my husband when I'm still dreaming about Lord Rupert Glass. I forgot about our wedding anniversary last week and my birthday the week before that - (there's nothing to celebrate, except that I'm a year older.)
It may take Little Black Dress a month to get back to me, to tell me whether or not they like The Revenge of Lady Muck. Till then I exist in a state of suspended animation. It's a little like waiting for exam results except the mark I receive for my novel, pass or fail, is subjective.
This novel was a commission. It sounds very grand, but it's not. The first novel I wrote, The Pineapple Tart, was about a family, the Gordon's; it was frothy and young and very light hearted. I wrote it when I was at university.
Little Black Dress asked me to write a stand alone novel about one of the sisters whose story was not explored in great depth in The Pineapple Tart. Sarah Gordon is a sexually repressed school mistress; precise to the point of pain. She has had one unfortunate relationship with Ian Flemming, an accountant who is heir to his father's fitted bathroom empire. Ian is now married to Alexandra, Sarah's headmistress at school. Alexandra is expecting a baby and it's not a beautiful experience. She's suffering from nausea and obscene paranoia; she thinks Ian is still in love with Sarah. Why has Sarah not had a boyfriend since jilting Ian at the altar?


  1. Hey sis! Glad to be your first follower. I'll pimp your blog on mine tomorrow

  2. Woohooo! You have a blog.
    Delighted to see you here and can't wait to keep reading.