Wednesday, January 20, 2010


A strange thing happened to me this morning. I jumped into the car after riding - left hand drive car - and the digital clock on the middle of the dashboard didn't seem to be working properly. I could easily read the first two numbers - it was 9.1... but I couldn't see the final number, on the far right of the display. I assumed it was broken and drove off.
Walking towards me on the road was a man wearing a very bright yellow shirt who didn't seem to have a left arm. I slowed down and stared (rude I know, sorry!)- and realised he did have a left arm, except I couldn't see it out of the corner of my right eye. The fault was my eye - more specifically the peripheral vision on my right eye.
I drove up to the traffic lights slowly. I couldn't see the green feeder arrow to the right.
Thoroughly freaked I phoned my husband and told him I was having a stroke. To which he replied, "I'm in a meeting, could you save the stroke till I'm finished?"
Tempting though it was I didn't have a stroke to spite him - and by the time I got home I could once again see the whole of the car clock's digital display. And everything is OK again.
But I'm wondering should I be worried?


  1. Wow - that sounds really strange - I've never heard of that happening before.

  2. Oooh how strange, Anne, I think I'd have freaked a bit. It's bound to be something to do with the right side of your brain being faster than your left or something - always is - lately I've been cruising along in the car and feeling like I'm actually going BACKWARDS. It makes me feel sick when I realise I'm going forward and my brain catches up. Odd. x

  3. It wasn't the start of a migraine was it? I lose the vision in one eye a couple of hours before the headache sets in.