Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Revenge of Lady Muck

At the front of books by Little Black Dress the author writes five things about herself. Here are my five things:
1. Anne helped with the sheep farming in Ireland when she was growing up. Nowadays she prefers her lamb served in a stew, with mint sauce.
2. In a karate competition Anne once fought the coach of the British team. He punched her on the nose; she kicked him in the head. She won a full point off him and a big hug.
3. Anne can say “Tea or coffee?” in a dozen languages. She’s also pretty fluent in “Chicken or fish?” and “Please fasten your seat belt.”
4. In Africa Anne learnt that shining a torch into the eyes of a lion will make it run away. She has never had an opportunity to try this.
5. Anne is a huge fan of the cloak-like black abaya worn by women in the Middle East. She wears one when ever she can, with her pyjamas under it, on the school run.


  1. Oh is this a new book by you.

    I did laugh at no5 and was of course impressed by no2!

  2. Dear Anne,

    I write this as an unashamed fan-girl - I devoured your books about the Gordon sisters when I was a teenager in County Tyrone. They're up there on my most re-read list with the Anne of Green Gables books. I am SO excited about your new book, and to have discovered you have a blog! Helen Gordon and her sisters were almost as real to me as my own sisters and I am so looking forward to spending time with them again :)