Thursday, January 21, 2010


I had a Moroccan Bath. They're very commonplace here. I wear bikini bottoms and Meena slathers my body in a brown herbal gel. I am steamed and massaged for ten minutes, then my skin is scrubbed with a loofah mit. Hey presto, lovely smooth skin.
Except I forgot to take my bikini bottoms home with me - I left them lying on the floor of the steam room...
Went back to fetch them later - Meena says she has washed them and they're drying on the line.
"Aren't we like sisters?" said Meena.
"Better than sisters," I tell her for I can't say any of my sisters has ever scrubbed at the skin on my bottom with a loofah mit, or washed my underwear afterwards.

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  1. !!! Loved this. (My sister hasn't scrubbed my bottom either but she has watched me give birth twice, yelling her head off at me to PUSH FOR GOD'S SAKE, PUSH!)