Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Help! I hate my novel!

Apologies for my failure to blog, I'm proof reading Lady Muck this week, and I don't do commitment well.
Proof reading is when an editor sends the final draft of your novel back to you, in the format it's going to be on the bookshelves. In theory the author takes a quick read and spots typos and silly mistakes. Except I've spotted an enormous faux pas - it's the name of one of the central characters - and every reference to 'Jennifer' has to be changed to 'Mummy' and it's not possible to do this by pressing a magic button on the keyboard because there's another Jennifer (her daughter Jennifer Junior) lurking in the pages...
Also I'm still suffering from the superfluous 'that' disease - and on every single page so far (I'm currently on P 245) I've identified and eliminated at least one superfluous 'that'.
Wish me luck, I'm starting to wilt, and I've another 100 pages to go


  1. Oh rats, I hate proof-reading too. Yes, it is a prob when you have two Jennifers. Good luck, Anne!!!

  2. You should have called one of them Alison instead :D

    I've awarded you a blog award, so please check out my blog for more details