Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Over!

Look how nervous I am in this photograph! This is me before I went to give my amusing and motivational speech at my old grammar school Prize Day. It was very formal and solemn. The teaching staff wore robes. I was on spotlit stage with an audience of 500 in front of me, and a big screen to one side showing a close up of my (heavily made-up, terrified) face. I was introduced as "Miss Dunlop, the author."
When I got up to speak the chairman of the board of governors whispered, "Just remember, you're among friends."
I think it's the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me.
My voice stopped shaking after the first couple of minutes.


  1. Wow - killer boots, beautiful dress - I bet you slayed 'em!

  2. You look lovely - not nervous to the untrained eye at all !

  3. Definitely dressed to kill! I don't think I'd have managed to croak a single word out - instructing at Pony Club was the nearest I ever got to public speaking!

  4. I was there and she was brilliant. Don't often tell you this but I was very proud of you :D