Friday, September 11, 2009


Just like when Kennedy was shot, I remember exactly what I was doing when New York was attacked eight years ago. I was living in Botswana. I had two very small children. There was one children's television programme every day - Teletubbies at 3pm. My friend Jenny was visiting with Angus. We were drinking tea, and the children were lined up in a row on the sofa watching Teletubbies.
The programme was interrupted to show amateur video footage of an aircraft flying into one of the twin towers. The voice over was in some language I didn't understand and at first I thought it was an accident. And I was rather peeved that Teletubbies had been interrupted.


  1. I can remember it clearly too, watching with shivers running down my spine. It felt the world changed that day.

  2. D'you know, Anne I very nearly blogged about this yesterday and then I was ambushed by another thought - it happens, right? I was working at a local solicitors at the time and everyone was crowded round a TV set and I just saw the 2nd plane hit and thought "why are they watching a movie at work?". My first instinct was to run and pick Alice up from school and just hold her.