Monday, September 7, 2009

Ideal Weight

Back to School! Here's a mathematical formula (courtesy of Dine Out and Lose Weight - The French Guide to Healthy Eating) to help you calculate your ideal weight (height in cm, weight in Kg).
For the ladies: Weight = (Height - 100) - 1/2(Height - 150)
And for the men: Weight = (Height - 100) - 1/4(Height - 150)
If only losing weight was as simple as calculating it!


  1. Wow - on that basis I am spot on my ideal weight. Now if I could just redistribute the weight a bit to make my ideal figure........

  2. This can't be right! According to this formula, I'm four stones overweight! I've not weighed 12 stone since I was 12...

  3. That's scary....I'm a long way off and look too thin at my ideal weight. :0(

  4. Oh gosh I don't understand how to do it!
    I tried but I ended up with a either 2 or -148 - help!!!

  5. Result! I had to email husband to do the math for me - dreadful admission to make so publicly.
    however the formulation is very true and told me what I already knew - I've got to lose 4 kilos!

  6. I'm convinced (convincing myself?) the figure you get from the calculation is the very lightest a person should weigh for that particular height...