Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthday Party

10 year old girls are still children - I'm very happy to report.
I was expecting pre-teen posturing, and a disdainful refusal to play 'baby' party games...
Instead they wore party hats and played Musical Statues. They had an egg and spoon race, and an egg and spoon race in (my) high heels and an egg and spoon race while balancing a book on their heads. And Pass the Parcel, and Musical Chairs and a Treasure Hunt and every one joined in, even sophisticated Emma who prefers Amy Winehouse to Hannah Montana.
They ate popcorn and crisps and ice-cream and jelly and birthday cake.
Before they went home they said, "Thank you very much for having me. I had a lovely time."


  1. Aw bless.
    I hated them. (terrible admission)
    Esp. one time when I was in the throes of moving out of the Matrimonial Home and amidst divorce papers etc and a lot of gloom and doom and had forgotten to organise Goody bags for Alice's 5th party and one girl descended on me demanding to know why she couldn't have one. I wrapped up cake instead like my parents did decades ago but she wasn't having it. I was a terrible mother and an appalling party planner and it all ended in tears (mine!).
    Ah, the joys of a 16th coming up shortly!

  2. Hi Debs - One of my own little tartlets was once sent to say thank you at the end of a party and instead said, "Thanks for the party, where are the party bags?" I wanted to die of shame.

  3. oh glad Maud had a lovely party. Alex was known as the Party Bag Queen for a time - as soon as she'd arrive at a party she wanted her bag :(

  4. Gosh, this brings back memories. I took a stance against goody bags (I dare say my name never passed the lips of those poor children who attended our parties, except accompanied by a curse!) but we DID have fun parties. the home-made cakes were always a challenge, especially the year I had to surpass the exploding volcano with dinosaurs I had created the previous year!

    Sounds like Maud and friends had a lovely time.