Friday, September 4, 2009

Charles II

I got this BBC drama out of the video shop. I'm watching it with the tartlets - I want them to learn that "Learning is Fun". They watched Charles I's beheading with interest and later, after the death of Cromwell, they watched Charles II take revenge on those who signed his father's execution papers.
"Is this too blood thirsty?" I ask them.
"Not at all, Mummy," they say.
Then Charles II marries Catherine de Braganza, and on the wedding night she climbs into the bed and solemnly pulls up her layers of nightclothes.
Out of a curious silence Flor says: "Why she's doing that?"
And Maud tells her : "I think she's too hot in her big heavy nightdress..."


  1. I read a book about Charles 11 from his wifes point of view in Cornwall this year. quite a depressing read though the drama sounds a bit better :D

  2. How sweet. When my daughter was very young she used to say "I can't like it" if she didn't like the taste of a new food. And we thought this was a gorgeous thing to say, and very accurate, since we do not actually choose not to like a new food. Aren't young children so very wise and wonderful???

  3. How wonderful your children still have the precious gift of innocence. Also, it never fails to amaze me how bloodthirsty children can be!