Thursday, March 24, 2011


You never forget how to do it, how to pull on the wellies and muck in...
Yesterday I had a phone call from dad en route to the mart at the foot of the mountain.
"That ewe in the field across from your house - can you see her lamb?"
I looked. There's only a hundred ewes in the field, each one with her new babies.
I said, "Black face ewe? Staring at the hedge at the back of the hay barn... No lamb."
"I think it's stuck in the ditch," says my father.
So I pulled on the wellies and went out to the field and climbed into the ditch and walked up and down it and saw rabbits and fox holes and some hidden primroses and got my hair caught in the brambles but I didn't find the prodigal lamb.
I told dad: "Let's leave it alone and it'll come home wagging its tail behind it."
Then today the post man stops his red van and knocks on the kitchen window and says: "There's a ewe on her back in that field."
So I pulled on the wellies and went out to the field and in the midst of the hundred there was a wee hogget, heavily pregnant and stuck on her back with four skinny legs waving at me. Just waiting for a crow to sweep down and peck out her eyes.
I couped her back over and went back to the postman.
"Anything for me?" I asked him

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