Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Nick's company has asked us to leave Bahrain until the thing settles down. Women and children first. They have offered us open ended tickets. They will fly us out ASAP. I've told the children to pack their school shoes for my sister's school in NI has kindly offered to educate them while they are refugees.
Of course I'm rather exhausted with the stress of living in a war zone - until the military moved in there were a shaky few days when I wore an abaya and headscarf and sunglasses when I went out to the shops - rogue protesters were attacking ex-pats....
"Take your flute, Maud," I said, "Aunt Lesley's school has an orchestra."
"Shin pads Rex, they play football."
"Plastic coat, Florence, it rains every day."
"Beatrice you don't really think you're going to wear shorts and sandals in Ireland in March?"


  1. Hope your journey is as stress-free as it can be and that the Irish soil is a welcome break x

  2. Hi,
    I've just found your blogspot after reading The Pineapple Tart for the first time (hilarious! I'm now reading A Soft Touch and have ordered The Dolly Holiday from Amazon!)
    I really hope you and your family have got home safe to N.Ireland or at the very least are away from Bahrain.
    Sophia - N.Ireland

  3. Hi! My mobile not working in UK. Are you in Ireland now?