Thursday, March 3, 2011


Poor Nicole Kidman, she got such a slagging for trying out Botox and fillers. And then when her signature strawberry hair began to turn silver she was slagged once again - 'Forget a hairdressing appointment, Nicole?'
Don't mean spirited media types understand that us natural redheads, with fair skin and fine hair age really badly from 40?
I, myself have notice a most ghastly decline in the elasticity of my skin - from now on it's long sleeves and skirts below knee length... And a monthly rolling appointment with Sara to have my red hair touched up... That's where I was this morning, shrouded in a sheet, flicking through 'Hello', discussing Nicole's recent statement that Botox et al did not suit her and she has stopped injecting stuff into her face...
"But can you believer her?" asked cynical Sara.
Well, actually yes, for there, in the midst of the glamorous airbrushed photographs of inhumanly beautiful women I found a photo of Nicole.
I showed it to Sara. I said: "Look - at last she has started to age in exactly the same way as me - we're both a bit slacker around the jaw line, and there are deep lines etched into our foreheads..."
Sara said: "Her hair's not as good as yours. She should phone me for an appointment."

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