Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ungrateful Little Beast

At the end of school I was in playground, minding my own business, waiting for my children when Rex's friend, James, races over.
"Where is my mum, have you seen her?"
I shook my head. "Not yet - the bell's only gone...."
He began to look anxious. He said, "I left my homework behind and she said she'd bring it at bell time..."
When his mum arrives he shouts at her: "Do you have my homework?"
Shamefaced she tells him: "I'm so sorry, I've forgotten it."
He throws a tantrum. Shouts a bit more. "I told you to bring it!!!"
She says: "I'm so sorry. I'll run up and explain to your teacher."
When she was gone I said: "Steady on James. It's not your mum's fault you've forgotten your homework. It's your fault."
He was insistent. "It's her fault. She said she would bring it."
I was severe. I said, "You're a very lucky boy to have a mother who is prepared to run after you. If Rex forgets his homework he has only himself to blame... "
But he didn't look at all appreciative. Instead he said - somewhat wistfully: "If I was in your house, you'd train me to remember my homework...."

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