Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pony Club Mum

I'd been warned about this special breed - tonight I got a chance to meet one.
It is my opinion that Precious Child rides with more confidence than ability but mum - who rides herself - insisted she was ready for pony club. Her child (aged 5) does not need a lead rein...
Tonight's class was riding without stirrups. The children walked without stirrups, then it was time to trot, one at a time with me running along side, ready to grab a leg when they wobble.
"And the rest of you stand there and watch."
Off we trotted - Frosty and me and wee Josh...
Precious Child's pony did not hear the instruction to wait, politely he trotted forward to follow us. After two strides Precious Child wobbled off on to the ground. The pony looked a bit shocked.
Then Pony Club mum had hysterics and started ranting about 'safety issues'.
So I bring a groom into the arena to walk beside Precious Child. Poor little thing, I am thinking - to have such an hysterical mum...
"Get him away from me," shrieks Precious Child. "I don't want him near me."
I have decided Precious Child and her Pony Club mum deserve each other. Next week I'm going to suggest Pony Club mum walk beside Precious Child - that should sort out the 'safety issue'.

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