Monday, March 29, 2010

Time Management

I am a stay-at-home mum.
From 8 to 2 when the kids are at school I ride, I write and I cook while Saba does the housework. In the afternoons we do homework. Then I take at least one child to a sporting activity while Saba looks after the others.
They are in bed sleeping by eight.
I polish shoes, make schoollunches, pack schoolbags and tidy the house.
I am in bed sleeping by nine.
I'd love to sit up and chat to my husband (who's working in Saudi so we'd be chatting by phone) but I can't seem to stay awake - his voice sends me over to sleep. I'd love to drink wine and watch television but if I do I fall asleep dribbling. I'd love to laze in the bath but if I do I fall asleep drowning. I'd love to sit in bed reading but always - with no offence to the novel - I fall asleep after a couple of pages.
What am I doing wrong? Why am I always so tired? For goodness sake, I don't even work!!
I'm starting to think I've missed a page in the time management manual of life, that explains how to relax without dozing off. Does anyone have a spare copy they can lend me?

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  1. Anne,

    You are doing a sterling job. Sometimes I just sit down and cry because I can't drive and I also hate getting taxis if it's more than 1 mile so if our daughter needs to go anywhere during the hols her dad needs to leave work early etc and take her. I feel so bloody useless!!!

    You are a great mum - someday the kids'll be grown up and you will be able to sleep for 5 years and then you'll feel fine again...

    I can barely keep a small house tidy, heat up ready meals in the microwave and write for 4 hours a day. Half the time I don't know what month it is or who is Prime Minister.

    PS. I cried today too because I made a fish pie from scratch and it was beyond vile.