Sunday, October 4, 2009


Bet you can't guess what these two blokes have in common - apart from aristocratic good looks. First I fancied both of them rotten when I was young and innocent. And second...

I've just watched Gone With the Wind - the first time in 20 years. And I'm sorry but Ashley Wilkes played Scarlett for a fool. Instead of doing the decent thing and telling her plainly he loved his wife Melanie, he allowed her to think she was in with a chance.

And as for Denys Finch Hatton - even more gorgeous and aristocratic and even harder to catch and pin down. He didn't have a devoted wife, just a series of lovers, the most famous of whom was Baroness Blixen - he offered her nothing but a bit of excitement and she was thrilled everytime he flew by her farm...

I've started to show my age badly, that I can't fancy a man anymore, unless he's a safe bet.


  1. Totally agree with you about Ashley (the words weak and aristrocratic come to mind, though I used to think him gentle and educated) - they'd have been desperately unhappy anyway as they marched to the beat of a different drum. I always fancied Clark Gable something rotten - though this was somewhat dampened for me when someone - probably my late m-in-law - told me he had galloping Halitosis!

    As for Finch Hatton - an interesting parallel. I guess the lure of wanting what you can't have is always more exciting.

  2. I couldn't stand Ashley first time round (in my teens)and my many viewings since have not improved my opinions of him - weak, weak, weak! Like Bovey Belle, I was always a Clark Gable gal, though now I know about the bad breath, I'm not so sure.....

  3. I'm must be a degenerate I always fancy the wrong ones although luckily I'm happily married!

    Oh yes tried the jarden du nil in Selfridges and it is divine.