Friday, April 8, 2011


My darling uncle Edward has died and last night I went to the wake. His son Patrick came over to chat.
"Are you still riding horses?" he asked me.
"Are you still racing motorbikes?"
We've always been very good friends even though I'm terrified of bikes and he hates horses with a passion.
He said: "Do you remember the last time I rode your horse?"
He'd been riding with me along the edge of a field spread with the slurry - something flew up out of the hedge, the mare spooked, Patrick fell off, his foot got caught in the stirrup, the mare took off across the field and Patrick was dragged through the slurry.
I said: "That was 20 years ago! Or maybe 30 years ago!"
His eyes twinkled. He almost smiled. Forgot for a brief moment his grief. He said: "I was washing slurry out of my ears for a week."


  1. So sorry to hear about your uncle Edward. It was good you were home and could attend.

  2. Oh Anne, so sad to hear about your uncle, and so sad that it takes a funeral/wake to get family together reminiscing with stories like this. I think I should like a wake before I die. Hope you're settling into Irish life again.