Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nick's Back!

It's always difficult when Nick comes back after a separation. To remember to be 'we' again instead of a solitary 'I' - the children don't count for I think of them as extensions to myself - they did live inside me for nine months...
So I'm still making tea (for one) in a cup instead of tea (for two) in the teapot. And twice today I reached for the phone, to call him in Bahrain, then said: "Oh my goodness, you're here! I keep forgetting."
Marriage is a state - of mind - and fortunately he's used to me now - he says I'm always like this -
He knows in a couple of days I'll reach out in my sleep and snuggle into his back and ask him: "Will you make tea or will I?"

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  1. Anna, I can ABSOLUTELY relate. In fact, I'm writing an article for someone at the moment about being a family when the spouse is (never there) I mean away a lot. And this is one of the things I want to raise. It takes a little while for us all to adjust when Matt is back from being away...or just from working so much in a period it's like he's away anyway...

    It's always nice to have him back...but it takes a little while for us all to adjust...