Friday, September 10, 2010

Waity Katie

She's a lovely girl, isn't she - pretty as a picture, modest, serene and mad about him. So what's stopping His Royal Highness from making an honest woman of her? According to Barbara Ellen in last week's Observer it's a class thing. Kate's from a middle class family, her dad's a pilot; Barbara claims this is reason 'Kate will have to wait.'
Has anybody ever considered that it might be William who's waiting? That much as she loves him Kate dreads the day when she marries her prince and must trot obediently into a 'Royal Wife' harness?
In reality I think it's the prince who's on bended knee every weekend begging Miss Middleton to accept him.
"Please marry me, Katie darling. And I promise we'll have central heating in the cold, draughty castle we've to live in. And I promise we won't have a staff of a thousand, snooping and selling sensational scoops to the News of the World - just a lady to do the ironing. And I promise you won't have to spend every day visiting my 60 million subjects ..."
OMG but she must be very fond of him to even be considering such a life. It's not like she doesn't have a choice in the matter - she is the one with the choices. William is going to be king some day whether he likes it or not.

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