Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today we shopped for school uniforms. I thought Maud's school dress slightly short, it stopped at her knee, and I worried that after a couple of washes it might shrink shorter. I said:
"This dress is too short for my daughter. Can you please make it longer - mid calf?"
The shopkeeper was shocked. "Mid calf? Are you Muslim?"
I didn't want to hurt his feelings by explaining it was the quality of the fabric I doubted, not my daughter's virtue.
I said: "My husband's Catholic, not Muslim."
He nodded. He understood. "Certainly, Madam," he said.
Maud was less impressed. "I'm going to look like a dork," she said.


  1. Come back, Mother Fidelma, all is forgiven...

    I never thought I'd thank the nuns for all those uniform checks but now I wish all girls had to wear Cornish pastie shoes, A-line skirts and duffle coats. And where did you get that outrageous picture???

  2. LOL! What a new catchphrase: "Are you Muslim?" Catherine Tate would LOVE that! Girls, eh?