Monday, May 31, 2010


I've always hated the skin on my face - it's covered in acne scars.
Once, when I was moderately famous, I went on TV for some book thing and a clever clever make-up artist spent an hour painting in the pock marks - she left my skin flawless - I didn't wash off the make-up for two days.
I was so inspired I flirted with dermabrasion and chemical peels but twenty years ago these were major operations, with a hospital stay, and bandages like the Invisible Man. I resigned myself to bad skin forever...
Until this morning when I had a consultation with Dr. G who suggested I pop in next Thursday for a Fraxel laser skin rejuvenation treatment. He says it will take half an hour. My face will be red for a day afterwards, then covered in little brown dots for two days, then the dots will wash off and I'll have much smoother skin. I'll apply special creams for a month and hey presto - a beautiful complexion....

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  1. Good luck....I hope it makes you feel better. Let us know how it goes. X