Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Cost of Living

So there I was flicking through a back copy of Harper's Bazaar : "Leap into 2010 with Bazaar's ultimate guide to a fresh and healthy new lifestyle" - with advice on how to change your body shape, eating habits, skin and fitness...
And I absolutely want all of it - I want Hypoxi Therapy and a Body of your Dreams Cure at Les Sources de Caudalie Spa, I want IPL and Botox and a skin peel and Meso Glow; I want to spend a week at a fitness bootcamp; I want, I want, I want - except in this case 'I want' will never get for it's all so very expensive!
Seriously now, who has a thousand pounds to spend on a week at a fitness bootcamp? (I've written 'thousand' in words rather than digits so you know my finger didn't slip on the keyboard, adding an extra 0, by accident) - I thought there was a recession - I thought the Great British public were practising thrift and learning to economise and that anyone with a spare thousand pounds would be using it to pay off credit card debt.
Obviously I'm utterly out of touch with reality - either that or I'm reading the wrong magazines.

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  1. Dear Anne,

    I spent £800 on a P-shaped bath (more room in the shower end) when a plain bath at £200 would have done the job. But we'd needed a new bathroom for 12 years - we didn't even have a shower in the old bathroom. And when I was getting the new one I went a bit mad. Am I terrible? I would also consider spending £1,000 on therapy if it would get me over my silly flying thing. I would also love a bigger house with a laundry room and a study of my own but I'd need £250,000 for that (on top of the sale of our current house - there's a £250,000 jump between a 3-bed semi and a 4-bed detached in our area) so I think the fancy bath will be the start and end of my extravagance!!!