Friday, April 16, 2010

The Queen and I

Margaret went into the living room to telephone Bobo Criche-Hutchinson, leaving the Queen to throw the root vegetables and the Oxo cube into the saucepan. Mrs Maundy had told her that broth has to simmer on a low heat for hour - 'to draw the goodness out' - but the Queen was ravenous, she needed to eat now, at once. Something tasty and filling and sweet. She reached for the bread and jam and made herself a pile of sandwiches. She ate standing at the worktop without a plate or napkin.
She had once been reassured by a senior politician - a woman - that the reason the poor could not manage on their state benefits was because 'they hadn't the aptitude to cook good, simple, nutritious meals.'
The Queen looked at her good, simple, nutritious broth bubbling in the pan and reached for another slice of bread and jam.
Extract from The Queen and I by Sue Townsend

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  1. LOL - this must mean I am the Queen - would be even more true to life if she'd just cranked open a tin of baked beans and spooned them out cold into her royal mouth - what a laugh!