Thursday, April 15, 2010

Male Role Model

Nick is working in Saudi and Rex has become obsessed with... Michael Jackson. He has the hat, he has the moves, but instead of a glove Rex has a bandage which he wraps round his hand and wears as a sling -
"Have you hurt yourself darling?"
"It's fashion, Mum."
Where has my rugger bugger boy gone? He's stopped pushing over his sisters, kicking a football into their faces, and chasing them with dead insects.
In fact yesterday he spent half an hour restyling Beatrice's hair.


  1. Ha ha, Anne - this made me laugh - what a little character he sounds! Not a bad role model to have in light of MJ's musical talent - let's just hope he doesn't start delving into the dubious 'benefits' of nose-remoulding and skin re-colouration and all the other less attractive baggage he came with. Ooooowww!(*meant to be a Michael Jackson squeal*)

  2. Oh this gave me a giggle!!!! I have a 17 year old son who once in awhile abandons his "manly" ways... I call them growing pains in MY rear!