Monday, December 28, 2009

Ex-Pat Christmas

Monday 21st - Granny arrives from Ireland with decent teabags
Tuesday 22nd - Carols at the British Embassy; Ambassador's bull dog has tinsel round neck
Wednesday 23rd - Christmas Dinner at Brit Club where the waiters wear white gloves
Thursday 24th - Carol Service at St. Christopher's Cathedral; collection for orphanage in Belize
Friday 25th - Champagne and a Ulster Fry, National Velvet on television, Trivial Pursuit causes fist fights, Butterball turkey and Brussel sprouts, Rex spends 8 hours building Lego
Saturday 26th - Two drinks parties overlapping; one is a Texan oil man, his house is the size of Southfork.
Sunday 27th - It's Ashoora so the shops are shut
Monday 28th - Granny goes home with a pink plastic alarm clock that plays the call to prayer.


  1. What a lovely picture!!! We are freezing here, as usual. Went to the north coast yesterday to visit family and the streets were under 4 inches of ice. Now they say we could face temps of minus 18C. Ho ho ho... I have drunk the cooking brandy and eaten most of a tin of Quality Street, and I do not even like brandy or Quality Street - I prefer sparkling wine and Ferero Rocher... Dermot bought me a lovely necklace and a Bagpuss microwave beanbag and 2 MUSE CDs. Alice got Benefit make-up and art materials. Dermot got a Tim Burton book - it's a huge thing with over 1,000 illustrations. I was going to keep it myself but he likes art more than I do so I did the decent thing. Thanks for your lovely card. Happy New Year!!!

  2. Anne, is there anyway I can buy your book in Australia?


  3. Lovely pic....Dublin is covered by snow today!!! Hope you have a fab 2010!!

  4. Kelly - The Revenge of Lady Muck will be on sale in Australia in March.