Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Road Not Taken

A letter has come home from school inviting Florence to swim at the 2010 Muscat International Invitational Age Group Swim Meet. What a momentous event. For me, not for Florence. For today, after years of avoiding it, I have reached the path that forks in the life of every mother.
To be or not to be - an alpha mum.
We all want our daughters to do well in life. To be confident, kind, socially competent, well mannered, happy. If they can be pretty and clever and sporty as well, that's even better for them.
But I've always made an point of not weighing down my children with parental expectations.
"But I want to swim in Muscat!" says Florence.
I've always believed if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to get it, without the help or interference of 'mother'
"Can you help me with my racing dive, Mum? You're really good at racing dives."
I mean, I'm really pleased Florence is a good swimmer - one day it might save her life, should she trip and fall into a swimming pool, or get washed out to sea....
"I'll have to swim every day until the competition. Will you take me swimming every day, Mum?"
God help me, I don't even like to swim, yet if I become an alpha mum I am the one who is going to be racing her up and down the pool. My hair is going to be ruined.
"I'll lend you my swim hat, Mum."


  1. Aw, how sweet does she look!!! I have always encouraged my daughter to spend her free time watching television and reading gossip magazines, so thank God, no daily trips to the swimming pool for me. Yes, I am a very bad mother. Atrocious really...

  2. PS. In my defence there's no swimming pool in Carryduff. Only a John Dory chippy.

  3. Great photo and she'll be a great swimmer! Sorry you'll just have to be supportive which isn't alpha mama...

  4. Well done Flor! Now Anne, we know from experience at the St Chris pool that you don't need a swimming hat to be a swimming alpha mum. You need designer white linen and designer sunnies. Surely you can cope with that?

  5. Congrats to Florence how proud you must be. I think yu protesteth too much and are a major alpha mummy in disguise ;) lol