Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nick does not travel well with our children. When they were babies and we lived in Botswana he:
a. cried on a flight
b. paid my parents to fly in his place
c. took valium before flying
Now the children are older and the flight from Bahrain isn't overly long and I always fly at least one direction without him - but I still do expect him to fly with us sometimes
This morning he phoned from Bahrain to say:
"I'm in the travel agent. I'm booking my trip to Ireland. Unfortunatley we won't be able to fly back together. There are no seats left on your Saturday flight. I'm going to have to fly back on Sunday..."
Was he taking the mick? (as we say here in Ireland)
I said: "I have a better idea. Let's swap the names on our tickets. You fly on Saturday with the children and I'll take the Sunday flight..."
Suddenly it wasn't a problem to change all of our flights to Sunday.
One big happy family. Flying back to Bahrain together...
Can't wait!

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