Thursday, December 16, 2010

Home Thoughts from Abroad

Sometimes I wish I could fly home for Christmas. To frosty skies and roaring log fires. A hamper from Fortnum and Mason. Carol singers sipping mulled wine. The Christmas Day rerun of National Velvet. Then I read something like Republican Rudolf on-line from my local newspaper and I remember why I don't live in Northern Ireland any more...

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  1. Anne, that's only a tiny minority of people with nothing better to do than hang on to the bad old days - I think it's sheer laziness - because living in a war zone means there's a gold-plated excuse for personal under-achievement. Normal people don't care about flags any more, trust me. They're too busy working and raising a family in the recession etc. NI has never been nicer actually - I love my neighbourhood - everyone just getting on with life and helping each other if we can. I really believe silly incidents like this are the last gasp of a failed social experiment. Please visit soon!!!