Friday, November 19, 2010

Why me, Lord?

Beatrice has been selected to play the part of Mary in this year's Nativity. Beatrice favours the method acting approach to getting into character. Here we see her with a pillow stuffed up her pyjamas, barefoot and dragging a bag of rugby balls round the garden. From her pained expression I'm sure you'll agree - rarely were the lines -"How much further is it to Bethlehem, Joseph? I am so tired" - spoken more truely from the heart.


  1. Oh how sweet - I sense we have a huge talent on our hands - next stop the BAFTAS.

    My Alice was a spider once in the nativity play - no, don't ask, I can't remember what a spider was doing in the nativity - but she was a lovely spider, all light on her feet and very spidery in black tights and gloves.

    Happy times.

  2. Oh My Goodness, she's a Keira Knightly in the making! *bless*