Saturday, October 30, 2010


I was attracted to the movie Possession by the crush I suffer for Jeremy Northam (see above). Helped along by fact the storyline is adapted from a Booker Prize winning novel. Bound to be a winner I thought. Except OMG it is simply awful. It is the worst sort of Barbara Cartland. The central character of cold repressed Maud is utterly unconvincing. Her love interest, the pretty research assistant, has dirty hair and dirty stubble. When they finally kiss I felt faintly sick.
It took Jeremy and Jennifer Ehle to set the screen on fire - and they were electric together, while naked and fully clothed - except they didn't appear often enough to rescue such a ridiculous movie.


  1. Oh dear, and it looked so promising. You've just saved me £20, Anne - now I can treat myself to some books instead!

  2. I'm quite sure the novel Possession is worth reading. A major problem with the movie was the casting - not Jeremy though, he was perfect...