Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Holidays

The ambient outside temperature is somewhere round the mid-40s, the humidity is 100% To combat cabin fever the children have found new hobbies -
Maud (10) is learning to iron and she's taken up crossword puzzles
Rex (9) cleans bathrooms and enjoys Sudoku
Flor (8) washes dishes and loves 'Find the Word' puzzles
Beatrice (7) hoovers and does jigsaws .
We've also been baking biscuits, reading classic novels together and playing Junior Trivial Pursuit.
It's ten weeks till they go back to school and already I'm counting the days.


  1. I'm also ready for school to begin. My only son is 17 and isn't as creative as yours are. He like video games, movies and complaining. Happy vacation!

  2. It's lovely that you read with your children. I've started reading chapter books with my older children. On chapter a night. They love it. Thanks for visiting my blog :D