Sunday, June 13, 2010

Artistic Temperament

I am cursed with artistic temperament. Either that or I'm very thick-witted. For six months I've being trying to write a frothy young novel for Little Black Dress. As you can see from the website the books are marketed at young, single women so my central character Cait was also a young single woman - an airstewardess based on a tropical island with unlimited access to sun, sand, sea and... storytelling.
Except Cait and I could not get along. No matter that she was pretty and fun, and got up all sorts of amusing antics - I thought she was boring. "Good morning you dreary girl," I would say when I dragged myself to my desk.
She'd flick her ponytail and say, "Oh pull yourself together. Aren't you getting paid to create me? You're getting paid to like me..."
But I hated and despised her so much I even killed her a couple of times; it gave me such satisfaction.
Then on Friday Little Black Dress emailed to tell me they've decided to temporarily put the imprint on hold; they will not be commissioning any more books.
"Sounds like they've sacked you," said Nick.
I know I ought to feel cheated or something but instead I'm thrilled to bits. I drop kicked Cait out of the window and immediately started to write the story I've been itching to tell for six months - the story 40 year old Jackie Diamond, the cabin crew manager at Cait's airline. Already I have the structure decided and the synopsis written. Yesterday Jacks and I went shopping together to the Sultana's Designer Clearance Sale, we both liked a stunning black evening dress with heavy beading on the bodice and clever corseting at the waistline -but Jacks said her cleavage had far too much sun damage to wear such a plunging neckline so I bought it for me instead... She's very impressed with my laser skin resurfacing treatment, she says already she can see all the open pores have gone and she might be tempted to indulge herself... In fact the only thing we disagree on his her soft spot for Commander Andrew Cunningham the senior captain at Ex-Pat Air. I think he's a randy old goat, she says "We're just good friends."
"If a man and woman say they're just friends, at least one of them is lying," I told her.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about LBD, but Jackie sounds brilliant! Also, in my opinion buying a fabulous evening gown is never the wrong decision.

  2. I too want to write something different. I fancy a bit of light-hearted horror though...

  3. Sorry to hear things are sour with LBD but I think your new idea sounds fabulous! And i think there's got to be a market out there of women, like me for example, who would love to hear something tragic befall someone like Cait. The doing in of the perfect "chick lit" heroine would delight me to no end.

    Or a novel about a writer who's trying to write a character she hates and she keeps killing her off only, the next day when she goes to work in the manuscript...____? something happens?

    Hmmmm, sorry for babbling!

    Can't wait to read Jackie!

  4. Maggie, I can tell you and I are on the same wavelength - I've just propelled perfect Cait through a windscreen...