Sunday, February 7, 2010


Last week I had temporary blindness. This week blood vessels have been bursting in my eye. Today I went to the eye doctor. To examine the retina drops are inserted, to make the pupil dilate. The eye doctor found a hole in my retina (!) but assures me the bleeding is most likely caused by dehydrated corneas. My nose is always stuck in a book and we blink less when we read (blinking keeps your eye moist).
He says I must read less and blink more. And if anything else bursts in my eye, he will have my head examined.
Here endth the biology lesson.


  1. Oh crikey Anne - sorry to hear that - does that account for the time you thought you could only see half a man (was his arm missing or something?)Am sitting here blinking like mad now just in case it's a writers/readers curse - hope you start to recover x

  2. blink blink blink blink - thanks for the reminder. Hope your eye is back to 100% soon. :)