Saturday, November 14, 2009

Alpha Kids

I'm very proud of my three alpha daughters. It was the school swimming gala to day and all three brought home medals. I am very proud of them because I am so not an alpha mum - I never push them to do anything, except homework...
The girls picked what races they wanted to swim in, and filled in their own application forms. They even set my alarm clock so I could drive them to the pool this morning. And Maud packed a lunch for me to eat, and Bea carried a cushion for me to sit on, and Flor had my novel in her swimming bag so I wouldn't be bored when they weren't in the pool.
But I wasn't bored a bit. I was too busy listening to and watching alpha parents coaxing and encouraging their children - "Push, Push, Push, can you feel the pain?" -I actually heard somebody say that!
My little girls felt no pain - they swam like fish through the water - I was dazzelled by their brilliance. So dazzelled I bought them a Mc Donalds each afterwards.


  1. Ah Congratlations on your lovely Alpha daughters! Bet you were so proud it's lovely just how much they thought of you too. They probably thank their lucky stars their mums not as pushy as all their friends mums - poor kids!

  2. Alex was at a girls brigade swimming gala last week. she only made it through to one individual final and Granny said - I must have been a terrible mother as I would have been so disappointed if you didn't make every final. I am surprised I am as balanced as I am :D
    Oh, she got 2 silver medals in the relays to make up

  3. AMIdesigns - Your mother would have fitted in well in Bahrain.

  4. And didn't Flor look at home on the winners' podium!

  5. Aw bless them (and you) you sound like the perfect mum and I bet they think so too!